Climate Action Marketplace for Small Businesses

Small businesses looking to take climate action now have a database connecting them with solutions for clean energy, carbon neutral shipping, sustainable office supplies, food waste solutions, and more. 

Intuit, a carbon neutral company itself, has a corporate goal to reduce 2 million metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2030. Intuit recognizes that no matter the scale, climate commitments require planning to implement. In their work with small businesses of all kinds, Intuit discovered that having centralized, trusted resources available makes taking action easier for business owners.

As part of their carbon neutrality efforts, Intuit has developed a Climate Action Marketplace to help small businesses reduce their carbon footprint and reach their climate commitments. Tradewater is proud to be joined by 11 other founding partners who make up this marketplace. 

These companies in the Climate Action Marketplace are prepared to help your business reduce your environmental impact, achieve cost savings, and engage your customers: 


  • EnergySage is a solar installation company with an online platform that allows customers access to multiple solar quotes and connects you with the installer of your choice. You can install solar rooftops or subscribe to a community solar farm all with numerous advantages including tax credits, price discounts and cashback offers. 
  • Allumia meters, installs, and maintains energy-efficient upgrades, helping businesses reduce energy by up to 35% save up to 95% on maintenance. Alumia also donates one percent of their revenue to climate initiatives such as Project Drawdown.


  • Sendle is a 100% carbon neutral shipping carrier designed for small businesses, with low flat rates across the US. Signing up through Intuit comes with a free upgrade to Sendle Premium and will help you reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of Tradewater offsets you need to compensate for your shipping activities. 

Transportation, Travel & Commute

  • Goodwings is a sustainable hotel booking site that helps calculate and remove up to 85% of the CO2 emissions from your travel. Intuit offers a 20% discount on the first year of subscription. 
  • Edenred helps small businesses save on payroll taxes and go green with micromobility, public transit and parking. Subscribing through the Climate Action Marketplace comes with a 30% discount on the service.  

Food Waste

  • Too Good To Go is an anti-waste app that connects businesses with surplus food to customers who buy it at a reduced price, thus reducing food waste. When you sign up through Intuit’s Climate Action Marketplace, the annual fee for the first year is waived. 
  • Copia is another food waste app that connects businesses with surplus food to nonprofits-in-need and food banks. Participants get free food waste tracking and analysis in the first year of subscription, as well as tax deductions. 

Sustainable Office Supplies

  • Red-Inc is the UK’s leading sustainable office supplies company and the first B-Corp certified office supplies company. Signing up through Intuit comes with special offer of up to 80% off the catalogue price. Red-Inc also provides funds forest preservation and tree planting efforts for every customer that joins through Inuit’s marketplace.

Visit the Climate Action Marketplace to see your options!