The Carbon Neutral Collective

Enabling small businesses to make a big climate impact

What is the Carbon Neutral Collective?

The Carbon Neutral Collective is a group of small and medium sized businesses committed to reducing their carbon emissions and, together, building the collective impact needed to fight climate change.

Memberships gives small and medium sized businesses tools to measure the carbon emissions that result from their operations, a means to offset those emissions, and resources to make an emissions reduction plan for the future.

Offsetting through the program directly funds work by Tradewater’s project teams to destroy potent greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Why This Work Matters

Tradewater’s projects collect and destroy refrigerants, one of the most potent greenhouse gases. The scale of this issue in our environment is staggering.

Consumers are seeking environmentally driven companies. Carbon Disclosure Project found that companies that make climate action a priority have an 18% higher return on equity.

As a small business ourselves, we understand how hard it can be to find the time and resources to make meaningful sustainability commitments. In The Carbon Neutral Collective, we built the program that we would want for our own business.

3 Steps Toward Carbon Neutrality

An efficient, impactful program made for small businesses, by a small business.

Step 1: Calculate

Use our carbon footprint calculator to estimate the annual emissions that your business generates from activities such as facilities management, employee travel, and procurement.

Step 2: Offset

With your carbon footprint calculated, choose to offset your emissions through a subscription to Tradewater’s carbon offset credits in the amount that suits your business.

Step 3: Reduce

Once your carbon footprint has been offset, Tradewater encourages all members to reduce their overall operational emissions. Annual emissions measurement checkpoints allow members to track progress over time.

Join the collective fight against climate change.

Membership Levels for Every Business

Joining the Carbon Neutral Collective grants members access to the following benefits, based on their membership level
Carbon neutral
(100% Offset)
Climate committed
(50% - 99% Offset)
Collectively destroy potent greenhouse gases and invest in global communities
Carbon Neutral Business badge for digital and physical promotional use
Business name and climate commitment featured on the program website
Continual resources to reduce emissions of your business and your employees
Tailored language to publicly share your climate commitment
FAQs to understand key terms and gain keen insight on climate action
Customizable social media templates to engage your audience
Amplification of your business on Tradewater’s blogs and newsletters
Opportunities to be featured across various media and social platforms

Meet Our Members

Meet the small and medium sized businesses that are reaching carbon neutrality with the collective

Spilt Milk

Offsetting 304.2 tons/year

equal to 66.2 passenger vehicles driven for one year or 36.6 homes’ energy use for one year

Office Of Modern Composition

Offsetting 10.54 tons/year

equal to 2.3 passenger vehicles driven for one year or 1.3 homes’ energy use for one year

Santa Cruz Cider

Offsetting 74.4 tons/year

equal to 16.2 passenger vehicles driven for one year or 9 homes’ energy use for one year

Fruition Brewery

Offsetting 90.38 tons/year

equal to 19.7 passenger vehicles driven for one year or 10.9 homes’ energy use for one year

Is your business ready to take climate action?

Testimonials from The Collective

Tradewater’s Carbon Neutral Collective provides our boutique advisory services firm with a simple, cost effective and ongoing way to achieve our sustainability goal of net neutrality.

Brian Hall

Carema Consulting

Offsetting Office of Modern Composition’s carbon footprint through Tradewater felt incredible the first time I did it. As the organization’s founder and operator, I can say that of all the bills we pay, that one is my favorite. It’s a relief to know that the impacts our business’s actions have on the climate can be mitigated through participation in the Carbon Neutral Collective.

Jill Riddell

Office of Modern Composition

As a business we have a commitment to keep up with ways to reduce our carbon footprint. When we learned about the opportunity with Tradewater to actually do an in-depth analysis of our business to offset our emissions on an annual basis we jumped all over it. I truly believe there are a lot of companies out there like us who want to do something but don’t know where to start and this is a tangible way to get involved and make a difference.

Gerry Maguire


Small Businesses Make a Big Impact

Carbon Neutral Collective
Global Projects
4,900,000 tons

of CO2e destroyed so far

Big impact comes from many combined small actions. To date, collective members have eliminated the equivalent of:

powered for a year


miles driven

892,300 billion

gallons of gas used

0.5 billion

barrels of oil consumed

11.3 million

Do you know your business's carbon footprint?